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6 Hours of Tsali Duo - 3rd in Open Duo Class

6 Hours of Tsali.  3rd in duo open class, since there was no coed division.  Trails were wet from all the rain the week leading up to the race.  Amelia did first 2 hours in reasonable weather conditions.  I did the last 4 laps.  3 different thunderstorms and subsequent downpours of rain later the trail was sufficiently sloppy.  Got slower every lap as the trail and bike quickly turned to poo.  Felt good the first 3 laps, final lap started to feel the effort in my lower back.  Course would have been incredibly fast if it was dry.  Good training effort for Steamboat Stinger August 10.

Lap Splits:







12 hour race ennded up getting cut to 6 due to weather.  Within 1 hour of race finishing the storms were gone and sun was out with not a cloud in the sky.  

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