Team Stages

Long Training Day at Local Training Series

Ride to race, race the race, then race the next race

Signed up night before.  Used as long training day/ Road from home to course (20 miles), raced the 3/4 and P1/2/3 crits

3/4: 55 minutes race ended up being 49 due to incredibly easy first 5 laps.  3 man break, attacked last time up hill, lapped field through 2nd last turn (that was a cluster fuck) held on for the win. 20ish rider field?  

decided to race the P123 10 minutes later with a super small field.  Only expectation was to not get dropped.  Followed some moves, sucked some wheels, finished in the "main" group, 8th overall...out of 12 

Brewery hopped for post race recovery

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