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I'll take what I can get

May 26, 2019 - Still recovering from my Santa Rosa Ironman on May 11th and I am so happy I didn't commit to the full marathon! Legs gave on that last mile!

 It has been a great 2 weeks of recovery after my Ironman even though I have felt super lazy!  I have not been getting my legs firing for faster paces these last 2 weeks either, so going into today, I didn't know what to expect.  I guess I approached today as a great training day with wonderful, like-minded people. The extra bonus is my husband, Adam, came out to play with me.  Perfect date day!

The 2 days leading up to race morning weren't the best for nutrition as I am a nurse and working the floor has been busy/hectic.  So I did take advantage of some day-before carb loading and enjoyed every bite!

Race morning was an early rise of 0430 with a big bowl of oats with coffee to wash it down.  I was waiting for my husband to get home at 0500 (he is a city firefighter).  When the sitter arrived, off we went at 0530 to Coeur d'Alene ID from our home in Spokane WA. 

I felt comfortable in my easy/relaxed warmup and then I self-seeded with the pacer.  Adam was to run slower than me, so I was on my own.  0645, start time.

Go!  The first 3 miles were incorporating undulating hills.  My watch was set to pace, not HR as I didn't want to psych myself out in my lack of fitness for this kind of race.  I was wearing my Team Stages grey tee and was already overheating!  Shirt off and sports bra time! I held strong and steady. Surprising myself with how comfortable it felt going at a 7:30 pace.  Moments of upset stomach and I was concerned if I would need a rest stop! no-no-no!  After the first 3 miles, it is an out-and back, with a gradual uphill on the way out.  On the way out, my legs were burning!  I focused on this small group right ahead of me and just told myself "hold them!"  There was about a 10mph head wind and I couldn't find someone to tuck behind.  I eased up on my pace and it was all I could do to hold that as I was pooped!  It was just passed the 8mile marker when it was time to turn back.  Loved that downhill with the tailwind! Ate that up!  When it flattened out, my legs were done firing.  I lost my pace and just told myself, "hips-to-nips, pump your fricken arms!"  I held 3rd place overall for the longest time during the race, but it was about mile 9 that I was beginning to get passed. Humbling and understandable.  Every second counts and I just smiled and tried to enjoy myself.  I wanted my money's-worth!

Here I was again, at the finishers stretch. 0.2mile from the finish and a girl was on my heels; I hear her. I see her shadow.  I know I am done for. She picks up to pass, and then I hightail it home!  No more people passing me! Again, this is my finish. 

A wonderful treat to my day is a I took 3rd in my AG and was 7th overall with an overall time of 1:39:09. Having no idea where I was fitness and recovery wise, I learned today that I could have eased up a bit and been more steady in my pacing and that could have held me to the end better than running too fast the first half.  I needed to fuel better leading up to race day too.  The great thing was that I beat my Snake river half marathon time from March by 3 min and that was a purely flat course! BOOYA

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