Team Stages

Tailwind- Woo Hoo! Headwind- WALL!

March 31, 2019 - The Sandy Hook TT is on a 7 mile out and back flat road along the ocean.

 This time last year in New Jersey, after our third nor'easter we were under 2 ft of snow. This year, sunny 70 degrees! The race started at 9am. riders are sent off every 30 seconds. The wind starts to pick up as the sun rises. By 9 the wind was blowing a steady 15 from the South. This TT is run North to South, which ment a nice tail wind start. After a 30 minute warm up, i was ready for my start time at 9;23.30. From the gun it was easy to get up to speed, almost 30mph avg at threshold. I could see the riders on the return stretch struggling and i knew i needed to conserve a little. The turn around was when the race started. Headwind!  I sprinted to get up to speed, which at vo2 max was 8 mph slower! I passed a few riders along the way and was able to maintain a solid effort to the finish. In the cat 5 non TT bike, I was able to grab 2nd place less than a second from 1st!  Daryl Southwood also had a great day and took 5th place! Awesome results for Team Stages!

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