Team Stages

Slower than I wished, Faster than I expected

Re-introduction to racing and start of taper in preparation for TTF on July 24.

We're back. Are you back? I don't know how I feel to be back. Good. Bad. Like it's been 3 years of nothing like racing, and now here we are. Totally unprepared. Which is/was the main reason for this race. Local. Running. Before my first (and A race) triathlon of the year... since 2019. Yeah, it's been a long time.

It was a long block of hard training leading up to this race. Including a 20k TT (bike) on Thursday followed by a 4k run. Then this 5k on Friday night. 22:40 for 30th overall. That's about 3 min slower than a "good" 5k - historically. But it approaches a reasonably strong 10k pace for the main event this coming weekend. Maybe there's still some life left in these legs.

We'll see. Come Sunday.

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