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PR nearly 5 minutes 11 years later!

A low priority race in which I wanted to beat my best time, which happened in 2011.

Lovely day for a race - the big heat and humidity are hitting tomorrow. Though the sun was hot, there were some shaded sections. I have done this race four times previously, from 2009-2012. My best time was in 2011. Not anymore! Best time by 10 seconds shy of 5 minutes was today! I wanted to run pretty even pacing, but got a bit overheated by mile 3. There was no way I wanted to walk, so I slowed down to let my HR drop a bit, thinking I would pick up the pace in the last mile.

A sidebar on pacing. I was always terrible at this, but since I started running again late December of 2020, I have gotten better at controlling myself. It finally got through my head that I can control it, and I have gotten a lot better through many intervals of various lengths and intensities. I pay attention to my HR and pace and how I feel. Naturally this changes based on temperature, terrain, etc. But I feel a LOT more in control.

I blabbed to a few folks at the start and even during the race. I was running hard enough in the race so the conversations were short, but we caught up post-race. People were encouraging and I was cheering folks on too.

The finish line is in sight for nearly the last 1/2 mile. I decided to try and increase my pace to finish strong, and even though my little cheering posse was not able to be there, I imagined them cheering me on. I pushed to the line and was thrilled to knock 4:50 off my previous best! The bonus was finishing 1st in my age group and 10th of the women.

Now that my employment situation means I only have one full-time job, I have been training consistently and following my coach's plans. For a C race and during a week when I had some pretty tough intervals, both cycling and running, I am delighted with the results.

SInce my cheering posse was not there, I got to talk to more people at the end and I was strutting pretty in my Stages Castelli running t-shirt!


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