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What a rad adventure!

Unbound 200, the super bowl of gravel events. I beat the sun ??. What an adventure, 14:07 official time with 9k in elevation change and a few miles of walking. 

The weather forecast was all over the place. We ended up with mostly cloudy and on/off rain for the morning into early afternoon. It cleared up for sunny skies and absolutely stunning scenery in the very green Flint Hills. My bike performance was fantastic with only two flats, mile 66 and 169. I met some cool peeps on the course, experienced some unbelievable scenery and crazy terrain. 

With the rain and the minimum maintenance roads on the course route, I knew there would be mud. A couple miles of walking and getting to know how to carry your bike, not worth the carnage to push it through the mud. Nice creek at the end of the first road to wash your bikes. 

If you’re a cyclist, this is a must ride event. The people who live in Emporia are very welcoming, unbelievable friendly and literally go out of their way for this event. I can’t even describe how awesome it was to see the open range with cows in the road and all of the other working farms. Very cool. 

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