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Oh no! N + 1.....

Have a fixed-gear city-style setup I've ridden for a few years but the first time to actually get on the track...

I have a fixed-gear city-style setup I've ridden for a few years. They are great for tempo work and a "forced" workout. What I mean by "city-style" is I have brakes on it!

The level 1 class was the first time I got to actually get on the track and ride fixed (no brakes) and all I can say is ADDICTIVE!

I signed up for the level 1 and level 2 classes and was able to combine them back to back which was super.

The level 1 class taught the basics. Like driving a car when everyone follows the rules everything is safe and works. Nothing crazy to learn a lot of common sense but important to listen and learn! I want to feel safe around others and I am sure they expect the same from me. 

The level 2 class got faster and we actually did a few match sprints and races! Not everyone on the track at once but matched top 3 riders doing lap 3 laps race (I got 1st place) same with 6 but "bell lap" (1 to go was random!) (I got 1st place). and 3 rider matched (same as first race) standing start SPRINT (I got 2nd place) 

I think I'm going back for the actual races in my category this Saturday!

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