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First race since quebec everlasting lockdown

Quebec Singletrack experience: good time fun racing and nice trails

Quebec Singletrack experience took place in Quebec area and consisted in a 6 days mountain bike stage race. It was held from August 1rst until August 6th. It all started well considering it was my first race since the canadian national enduro back in 2019 due to covid restrictions. My objective was to finish top 20 overall but I revisited this since I was p5 overall after stage one. I held onto my 5th overall up until the very last stage in witch I had to slow down a lot due to digestive issue. Considering I had not been racing once since 2019 and it was my 6th intense day it was not very surprising that the lights would turn on on the dash at some point. I did try to do a bit of damage control and started the last day as strong as possible to have a bit of a gap to play with. It turned out of the most majestic bunk I ever had. I manage to bring it home and that was that. I was suprise to see I was still 6th overall men! Anyway pretty happy about the result and form was there. 

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