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Warm & humid with pizza chaser

While I officially PRed the race by nearly 3 minutes from my time six years ago, I had a better result when I previewed the course a few days ago. Heat & humidity took its toll, but had a great time! Still 1st in my age group, too!

The attendance at these races has increased each week, which is great to see. I had hoped to get an all-time PR on this course, but that's going to have to wait until next week. Aside from the warm & humid weather, I seemed to have some issues with wood chips getting into my shoes, plus feeling like my feet were swimming in my shoes. I got new socks, and think that's the issue. They are super thin, which I like, but maybe too thin for these shoes. Next training run I will resolve this.

A surprise after teh race was pizza for everyone! I had to cool down quite a while before I could eat, but it was fun to hang out with new and old friends and gab & eat. Race #4 and the end of the series in two weeks.

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