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Taking the pressure off & thank goodness for NormaTec!

After coming in with a 7 minute PR two weeks ago from the last time I ran this race six years ago, I was gung ho about another PR. Decided to focus on improving things during the race rather than on the number - this took pressure off. I still got a PR!

A beautiful evening in Bloomington, MN - the mosquitos thought so too. They enjoyed a buffet like you would not believe. They were even flying into peoples' mouths to feast! But I digress. My focus on this race was to relax more on the downhills and let gravity help. In addition, I wanted to even out my effort across the miles. AND - keep my head up on the uphillsI Definitely accomplished the first one  - no putting the brakes on going down those hills. Not so sure about the second - the first mile and a half felt good, but the hilliest section in the middle had me ruing the ramen I ate a little later than I had planned. A wonderful volunteer race marshall was kind enough to remind me of the idea of keeping my head up. Sure enough, it was drooping around his corner. THat reminder kicked me into paying much more attention to that for teh rest of the race. Thanks much to him, whoever he is!

Had a small wardrobe malfunction in the last quarter mile as I pushed the pace to the end, but luckily I was the only one who knew. That bra is in the garbage now. suffice it to say.

When I saw the clock, I couldn't believe I had another PR! THat was the cherry on top of a wonderful evening. People were friendlier than last week, and I can't want for the next two races. This one is more than a 5K - it is 4.2 miles. The next one is only slightly more than a 5K. Hoping for a big PR for this course compared to six years ago too!

Even though it was late after the race, I used the NormaTec system for about 40 minutes. Oh that felt so good. I think I slept better and my legs were really not so bad off today, all things considered. YAY!

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