Team Stages

Last minute Registration

Made a split-second decision to register for the day off. Registered on-site and made it to the start line just in time. Placed 13th in the Cat 5 beginners.

I knew about this race and was wanting to see how much I'd improved compared to last year. I wasn't sure I would make it there because of work so I left the decision to the day. When I got done with work, I realized I just might have the time to make it to the venue and register on-site. The staff was super helpful - getting my number on the jersey, attaching the GPS tag on the bike all while I was registering. I made it to the start line minutes before the whistle blew!

Since last year I knew that I should try and stay with a group and not get dropped at the first turn which had a climb immediately after. The breakaway came as soon as the race started, but due to poor positioning, I couldn't take off with that group. So the next best thing - staying with the second group. There were about 8 riders ( all riding smarter than me, seeing as I found myself at the front more often than I liked and on the wrong side of the wind). So when it came time for the last sprint to the finish, a lot of them took off and I didn't have the legs to catch up to them. Still, shaved off 7 min compared to last year's result and I was pretty happy with that. 

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