Team Stages


September 21, 2020 - Quick recap of some rehab, training and the race

Oh I had big plans. Another 20K TT to see if I could beat my previous efforts this summer on teh same course. A road trip with my sister! Got the road trip, which was great fun, but had to adjust my plans. Had the weirdest injury - I slammed into a blanket chest with my right outer quad and apparently over extended my knee at the same time. Didn't really realize it, though. Just had a lump and bruise on the quad. Long story short - had to stop the bike for a bit and walk 2x per day as well as various PT activities (stretches, nerve flossing, exercises). Also much icing the first week or so!

Things started to feel better and I resumed training, though not much intensity. The most endurance rides in a row - a new record for me. Coach & I decided to focus on a 5K TT instead. Got in a few power interval and steady state workouts, an opener and ready to roll!

It was 53 degrees and not too sunny. Pretty chilly, actually. 53 in September is way different than 53 in March. Warm up went well and decided to shed the jacket and arm warmers so my lovely Team Stages kit was on full display!

Bit of a cross headwind on the first stretch, then a 90 degree turn and a cross tailwind! WAHOO! Goal for the race was to keep my power slightly above threshold, which I did. And I got a PR for the distance. Will be trying it again next weekend, and if the weather holds - I will be doing a couple of 10Ks - fingers crossed!

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