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Good weather, fast pace and great scenery

I wanted to put this post up a few weeks ago after the race finish, but it took almost 2 weeks to get the official results. The field was a bit smaller this year according to the race organizers, only 36 entries for their 2nd annual Frankenmuth Fondo. The race / event was run with 3 different distances; 25k, 50k and 100k, both with competitive and non-competitive fields.

There was a very casual roll out at for the first mile, after that the groups started to seperate. I knew I would not be able to hang with the lead group and decided to try and stick with the second group. The group of 7 of us started at a brisk pace, staying around 23-24mph for roughly the first hour, at the first climb the group start to split and get drawn out, at that point it was catch up time, I struggled to stay with the group as I over did it pulling into the small climb. I ended up catching up to two of the riders at the 34 mile rest stop, got some water and continued out as a group of 3. We ended up fighting a small headwind for the next 20 miles, just enough to make you work for it. We stayed together up until about the last 8 miles, in which we started to split a bit, I took advantage of a second wind and decided it was time to make a push for the finish. I learned a lot of what I can do in a group setting and drafting on the road and what I can do solo trying to catch up to the group.

Only two riders in the 30-39 male age group, I ended up first of the two of us. Out of the 36 riders, I ended up 11th overall.



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