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My First Race!

Hot Day. Lots of Lessons learned.

I hadnt really planned for this race. Found out about it pretty late through the Ride Alert app and registered on race day. It was a hot day and I underestimated how much water I was going to need for the ride. Registering in Cat 5, meant four 5 mi laps. I was still getting used to riding in a group and hung around towards the back of the group during lap 1, figuring I could easily extricate myself in case of a crash. And so, I got dropped as we started to climb. And that was frustrating. By lap 3, I was running low on water and was taking small sips to make it last. But I made to the finish line, and managed to maintain an average speed of 19.7 mph. 

I really need to get used to group riding at race pace. And get better at climbing. But it was a great experience and I'm looking forward to see how much I can improve by the next race. 

I would appreciate any feedback and tips! 



Congrats on your first race!