Team Stages

Zwift Haute Route

Completed my first 3 Day Stage Race.

I had seen these Zwift events on my Social Media feed and decided now was the time to dive in and give it a try.  I knew of the Haute Route but the three stages over three days seemed like it my be a bit more than what I was ready for. I would not have attempted an event like this so early in the season in the "real world" but a virtual race made it safe. I was anxious about the climbs, especially Sunday's Pretzel which covered almost all the roads and climbs TWICE but...I went for it!  And I am happy to say that I finished and my confidence has increased and am looking forward to my next challenge.  



I did the Zwift Haute Route, too. I was pretty wrecked afterwards, but I did set a new 2-hour power PR in stage 3.