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Mud, Grit and Subdued Mood

March 17, 2020 - A smaller crowd, hard rain, and equipment failures everywhere.

Arriving in Stillwater with less than normal crowds and subdued excitement, prepped the bike and tried to sleep. Awoken overnight by rain, heavy rain. Got ready Saturday and rode to the start in the cold rain. Once downtown found out that the start was delayed by 30 mintues. We all found shelter from the rain and awaited the building excitment.

Bobby sent us on our way and stoke was building. We hot the gravel and it was mud everywhere. Derailluers were failing, everyone brakes were going but smiles and positive chatter ruled the day.

After 15 miles my brakes were worn all the way down and I had to Fred Flinstone stopping on the downhills. As I came up to a turn at mile 20, my wife was there taking photos and I took that as a sign, here's where I call the day. Cold and soaked through are not usually a deterrent to me but I felt this was a prudent choice.

We ended up giving another cyclist a ride back to town as well. That turned out to be the order of the day as attrition was high. The fantastic Jeep club worked hard all day picking people up and were taxed enough, a call was put out to help shuttle people. 

Back at the house, Ishowered grabbed food and went back to the venue to cheer on my friends that rode in under thier own steam or in the back of a Jeep.

I'll be back next year!

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