Team Stages

Great early season event!

The Renegade Rambler is a new event on the gravel calendar and it is definitely a challenging one. I will be back next year.

I signed up for the Renegade Rambler as a tuneup race for Mid South and it was perfect for that purpose. It had rolling hills, lots of headwind, some mild technical sections, and a little bit of mud. I end up showing up late and missing the start by about 5 minutes. Since I was literally starting dead last I decided to take it a little easy, especially since I was testing out some nutrition for Mid South. I caught some friends at about mile 20 and road with them for a bit. I also gave one of them a tow to the next group up the road. Then at about mile 50 I caught another friend who had crashed. She was stopped on the side of the road looking at her bike. I sat up and waited for her to ride up to me and found out that her rear brake was rubbing. I stopped to take a look at it and she had bent her rotor. Once I straightened it out she was in a better place. I road with her for about 10 miles and then headed out on my own. She ended up getting second overall for the women! I road straight through the finish line to my car because I was so tired. I found out later I placed 20th overall. Not bad for missing the start and being on my second round of antibiotics for a severe sinus infection (the first round didn't knock it out). I will definitely be back to this event next year!


WaHOO - great effort!