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Come and Grind It

March 01, 2020 - Come and Grind It race recap.

Morning started off a little chilli but soon warmed up into the mid 70's.  Course conditions were excellent, the wind was a little high hitting around 15mph by the end of the race.  Capital City Racing always puts on great events, and this one was no exception.  Over 95% gravel on the 33 mile loop (did 2 laps).  My goal was to prepare for the Mid South 100 in 2 weeks so I was riding this as if it were a 100 mile race not 66.  Finished in 4:46 which I was satisfied with since I kept my heart rate down, went non stop and felt really good afterwards.  Tried out the Amp PR lotion which seemed effective but not the greatest thing to put on your legs for gravel (had most of the road stuck to them, someone even asked if I had crashed :)).  First race strictly on Infinit Endurance Fuel and felt good throughout.  Looking forward to the next race.


Nice race! Good luck at Mid South, too. I agree on AMP Human - it's a bit sticky, though the new formula is better. I have been told that you can put it on and leave it on for awhile (not sure how long) and then rinse the stickiest stuff off. Last summer during a gravel ride I was so impressed with my "tan lines" and it turned out it was AMP Human making dirt stick! My "tan" pretty much washed off.