Team Stages

Wasatch Citizens Series #4

Ouch - Up or Down

This one hurt!  The race was at Soldier Hollow, where the Olympic races were held.  I had visited the venue once but had not had a chance to ski here.  We did a short loop 3 times.  Course was either up or down.  When I arrived to warm up the course was still very cold, icy in fact.  Downhill on skinny skies is way too fast.  While my aerobic conditioning has progressed well, my leg strength is not what I would like.  Going up hill is a struggle. 

Two weeks before my ski marathon in norther WI.  With better time on the skies than when I last did the Birkie, I feel pretty well prepared.  I have been mixing in enough intensity to get top end tolerance.  Will continue the next ten days with a good taper: more intensity with less over all time.


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