Team Stages

Wasatch Citizens Series #2

I am moving up.

This time was a 15k Freestyle, which means everyone skates.  Oddly enough I saw two people using classic style.  Guessing they signed up for the series and don’t have skate skies.  Managed to get 7th of 12 in my age group this week.  I am moving up.  Aerobic work is starting to make a difference. 

No matter what sport you want to improve at, train for the specifics of that sport.  In that vein I better do more for my arms.  The skinny biker's arms are not cutting it.  I did not spend the fall prepping my arms for all the polling.  There is a good reason you see avid skiers double polling on the road long before the snow arrives.  My arms are not contributing enough.  They are pretty much along for the ride.

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