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The heat is on!

Good race with a bit of heat.

I did this race last year as my first full IM and the swim was cancelled, so resigned up. I finished in 10:20 last year, so my goals this year were 1)finish under 12 and 2)finish before dark! The swim went better than expected. I had to swim through a ton of people, but was otherwise uneventful. The bike is my strength and went fine. I had a weird pain in one shoulder beginning half way through and had to get out of aero too much, but an ace speed of 21mph was still faster than last year. When I began the run it was 95 degrees. My plan was to walk every aid station AND a few seconds at the 1/2 mile marks. This worked great for about 10 miles when my whole mood changed. I was eating and drinking a lot as well as taking Base salt. My body just needed a break. This proceeded to turn into a walk with run breaks until I had a few aid stations worth of coke a chips. Somehow my legs came around or adrenaline kicked in and I was able to run the last few miles. I had 7 family members at this race which was so much fun. A few had never been to a triathlon at all, so this was eye opening and made one say they want to do a race one day!! I’m grateful to be able to get through that heat and reach the finish line as many were not as fortunate.

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