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Perfect date day race + finding out I am going to be an Aunty mid-ride

September 22, 2019 - Crushed this ride! Came in ahead of the next female by over 1hr and truly enjoyed the date day Adam and I shared! I learned how to cry and pedal (not easy) when I got the call from my brother letting me know I was going to be an Aunty again!

 This is the last bike race of the season for Adam and I so we wanted to finish strong!  We were flirting with going for one of the longer distances, but we haven't had the time to maintain our bike fitness.  Adam won a tickets to ride in the speed boat over to the start line and that is the perfect start to the day!  The Centro distance is only 51 miles.  You take a ferry boat ride from downtown CDA to all the way across the lake to Harrison which is approximately a 2hr ferry ride.  So, needless to say, we truly enjoyed the faster boat with the great musice and lovely company.

We had plenty of fuel to our race without stoping at any of the aid stations which was our plan.  Starting at 10am, we hit the road just sailing into the headwind.  We wanted to power through the headwind before it really started to pick up.  At mile 10 is the start of the big hill which is approximatley 1.8miles with the steepest incline being 9%. The best part was the undulating hills of the next 5 miles because I got a call from my brother in Greece via FaceTime.  I never knew it would be so hard to breathe, cry, and pedal, but I learned really quick when he told me I was going to be an Aunty again! Nothing like that being a motivator for harder efforts.  I was (am) so ecstatic!

Adam and I continued to crush the other riders.  We were on fresh legs and now that we are heading southeast back into Coeur d'Alene we are loving the tailwind.  In the 51 miles we only had to climb 2700 ft which was helpful to our mph avg as well.  We continued to pull one another, never stopping at the aid stations.  With 10 miles from the end, it was a mental game.  We had passed another rider climbing up our last hill, Mica.  Then it is smooth sailing.  Frustrated that we got caught at 2 of the 3 stop lights going through town as that dropped my avg from 21 mph.  Adam and I agreed to cross the finish together only to find out we were the first ones to finish! How rewarding and exciting!!!

I'm so proud of us and we look forward to next year. As far as off-season....I am hungry to get more base fitness built. I am looking forward to crushing it next year!!!

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