Team Stages

4th of July

Hot, humid a lot of freds, down then up, better than expected

50th Anni of the PeachTree 10K in ATL.  This was my main running race for the year, but still managed a less then useful training "plan" of about 15 miles per week the 2 months elading up to it.  Race start at 7:00am was almost 80 degrees with 100% humidity.  Started in teh seeded wave, but there was still way to many slow people at the front.

1st mile 5:45 angrily passing all the slow freds in my way 

2nd & 3rd mile were all downhill and both 5:24

Split around 17:15 at 5k

4th mile had the biggest hill and i barely struggled to hold 6:03

5th mile also uphill rolled a 6:07.  holding back a bit for the last 1.2

6th mile mostly downhill and motivated to finish 5:48

Last .2 was a long straight downhill where you could see the finish the entire way so knocked out a 4:53 pace

finished 92 out of ~61000 runners (just under 30000 males)

35:35 official finish time was almost 2.5 minutes faster than expected.  Goal was to hole 6:00 pace but I guess i set some low expectations.  Post race recovery beers were on tap the rest of the day.  Enjoyed the race and big spportive crowds.  I'll probably be back next year.

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