Team Stages

Steven Steven Hall

Naperville, Illinois

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Hiking
Bucket List RaceBelgian Waffle Ride California!
Post-Race DrinkFitAid
Off-Day ActivityFamily time

After a long recover from combat related injuries, I was able to get back into cycling in June 2020. By October I found myself signed up for the BWR Cedar City where I had a dnf at 50 miles. Being my first gravel race, I knew I was not "race ready" bit I had to see what it was like and if it was my thing.

Since then I have completed Steamboat Gravel in 68th place for my age group, and last month I returned to BRW Cedar City and finished 48th for my age group. Gravel racing is amazing, and I'm so fortunate to have to opportunity to take part in these events. Seeing 65 year old participants tells me there is no end in site as I complete my first full year of races!