Team Stages

Friedrich Drees

Helena, Montana

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Cyclocross, SUP, Rowing, Skiing, Hiking
Post-Race DrinkRadler (mix of beer and lemonade)
Off-Day ActivityMaintaining web-site for Helena cross-country ski team.

I'm very much old-school. My first race I did 45 years ago and I really never stopped although I'm not doing up to 100 race / year anymore - more up to 10... And I guess my speed decreased a lot too but I cannot really tell as I switched from road to gravel/mtb recently.Montana where I live now has just the right scenario for these off-road adventures. I really had hope to race also a few races in my homeland Germany again but the new virus just did not play nice. Let's hope this will change in the near future. My professional background was that I worked for Apple for over 15 years and helped to bring the iPhone and the aWatch to everyone. These were exciting times and I enjoyed California / Silicon Valley a lot and I'm thankful that I could retire early to move to a area where the outdoors are really engrained in people. I got my kids into mountain biking and started even skiing. I'm not sure if I'm actual the right profile for your search as I stay away from the social accounts you mention here - having worked on many of there underlying layers of these and know how the user data is used - I just do not agree where this path took ogg lately but I clearly like your products.