Team Stages

Past Races

09/06/2020 Tour De Tamarack 11
09/05/2020 Cassadagaman Triathlon 25
09/02/2020 STTC Race 4 11
08/05/2020 STTC Race 3 11
08/01/2020 Findley Lake Triathlon Festival 14
07/15/2020 STTC Race 2 11
07/01/2020 STTC Race 1 9

Robert Kolodziejczak

Erie, Pennsylvania |

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceTop 10 finish at AG Nationals and completing an ultraman
Post-Race DrinkHammer Recoverite
Off-Day Activityroll and relax

I am a tri athlete and trail runner. I have finished several 100 mile trail runs and a half Ironman. I consistently max out the score on the Army Fitness Test. I have run and won 5ks, raced everything from 5k-100 miles so far. I love helping others reach goals as well. It can be weight goals, distance goals or just general fitness. I am a manufacturing supervisor at work and constantly speak to my employees about fitness and diet and how they affect work performance. I am sponsored by Hammer Nutrition, Suunto Factory Team and UltrAspire