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02/08/2020 Snake #2 2nd

Eli Orth


Main FocusMountain Biking
Bucket List RaceVarious stage races
Post-Race DrinkCarborocket

I am primarily an ultra endurance mtb racer. I am the 2019 NUE Epic SS national champion and 2017 NUE Marathon SS national champion. I race a wide range of mtb races every year that include everything from short track to over 100 milers and multiple day stage races.
My day job is a swat and k9 police officer and I am married with 3 kids. I have raced bikes since i was young starting with bmx. I have been racing primarily single speed for the last 3 years. Besides racing mountain bikes which is my true passion I also race a little gravel and cx. I love spending time outdoors being active daily