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Mason Switzer

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Bucket List RaceLeadville 100
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk

I am a true one of a kind adventurer... Born and raised in the beautiful Midwest suburb of Crystal Lake, IL, I am constantly seeking out my next ride or race. Ever since I was little I was trying to go as fast as I possibly could in every way. I grew up with dirt bikes and four-wheelers and used them as often as I could throughout my childhood; I couldn't get off them! By the time I was 16 I began getting into Mountain Biking. I googled mountain biking near me and found out that the WORS (Wisconsin Off Road Series) was right around the corner. With my aluminum hardtail and my moms riding shorts (all I had at the time) I went to the race and gave it my best. I didn't due that amazingly but I fell in love. From that day till this day, Cycling, has been my biggest passion. I went on to race Road, Cross, and XC every year and challenged myself to be the best I possibly could. I worked at my local bike shop selling and working on bikes and also was in charge of leading and organizing group road rides twice a week. In college, I studied engineering and never let go of my passion for bikes. While I was at college I got involved with the improv team and student government among other things to keep me busy.

Just this past summer I had the amazing opportunity to work for a youth camp in Buena Vista, CO as a mountain bike instructor and guide. It was here that I fell in love with not only riding and racing my bike but with sharing the sport with others who wanted to learn to mountain bike. I lead trips with high schoolers through some of the most amazing trails around and taught them so much about their potential.

Since that seasonal position ended in August, I have set out to train as hard as I can to see how far I can go in my cycling career. My ultimate goal is to race as a domestic pro at UCI events in XC mountain biking. Every day I track my progress and use FasCat coaching to help organize my training.

I have a long way to go but I am loving every step of it.

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