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01/08/2023 Zwift - Torturefest No PU Crits - C 3
01/05/2023 Zwift - STAGE 1: FLAT IS FAST—Tick Tock - C 12
01/04/2023 Zwift - STAGE 1: FLAT IS FAST—Tick Tock - C 18
01/03/2023 Zwift - Velocious Sport Tue Night Criterium (Race) - C 1
12/20/2022 Zwift TT Club Racing Series - Week Three - C 2
12/18/2022 Zwift - Torturefest No PU Crits - C 5
12/16/2022 Zwift - Rhino Racing Crit City - C 5
12/15/2022 Zwift TT Club Racing Series - Week Two - C 3
12/14/2022 Zwift STAGE 2: RACE LIKE A PRO— Richmond Rollercoaster - C 13
12/13/2022 Zwift - MWCC Midweek Crit with Category Enforcement - C 4
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Scott Kingsley

East Petersburg, Pennsylvania |

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Road Running, Trail Running, Cyclocross, Duathlon
Bucket List RacePresenting at a Les Mills Live on and SC3, or as a presenter for a future The Trip Release
Post-Race DrinkInfinit Nutrition custom recovery, bubble tea
Off-Day ActivitySlinging organic beard balms, reviewing the latest cycling tech, supporting my wife's fitness classes

Tech Editor at
Head Beard at Lancaster Beard Company
Co-Founder of #TeamKICKASS

My wife and I founded #TeamKICKASS in 2016 to remember her stepdad, who passed away from pancreatic cancer. It started as the two of us riding the 2017 American Cancer Society Bridge to Beach ride from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, NJ. In 2018, I decided to leave the team I was racing for to continue #TeamKICKASS and use it as a way to support the fight against cancer. We added another teammate for 2019, and will be almost 15 strong for 2020.

Our motto is "Get fit, have fun, do good." We hope to inspire others to find the way they enjoy being active, and use it as a way to give back to their community. Our team members include cyclists, runners, triathletes, fitness instructors, and gym-goers.