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02/02/2020 02 FEB 2020 3R Volcano Flat Reverse Race - Cat B 1st
01/31/2020 31 JAN 2020 3R Volcano Flat Reverse 50k Race Cat B 1st
01/30/2020 30 JAN 2020 3R Classique Flat Race - 6 Laps (23.4mi) 1st
01/27/2020 27 JAN 2020 ZWIFT Crit City Race 1st
01/25/2020 DIRT DADurday Chase Race 5th
01/24/2020 Tour de Zwift: Stage 4 Race 2nd
01/23/2020 23 JAN 2020 ZWIFT Crit City Race 5th
01/22/2020 22 JAN 2020 3R Classique Flat Race - 20.1mi - Cat B 1st
01/20/2020 20 JAN 2020 - Cat B - Tour de Zwift: Stage 3 Race 3rd
01/19/2020 19 JAN 2020 - Cat B - Tour de Zwift: Stage 2 Race 4th
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Belac a Llots

Broomfield, Colorado

Main FocusRoad Cycling / Criterium
Bucket List RaceStrava KOMs
Post-Race DrinkCoke

If there were a category for FTP multiplied by dependents I'd be perhaps the World Champion in that category. I am 38 with 9 kids. I was a competitive cat 3 20 years ago. We adopted 3 kids from Ethiopia and before we knew it there were 9 kids in our family. The advent of power meters, Strava, and now e-racing on Zwift have allowed me to stay fit and competitive. Other than Sepp Kuss I may have more KOMs than anybody else in CO. See belac a llots or My watts/kg isn't ridiculous but I know every KOM and watch the wind like a hawk. My Stages Gen 2 Cannondale SI crank has been key in measuring efforts, settings personal bests, and Zwift racing. Zwift racing I do old school on Performance rollers with the Stages power meter. I always say if this or that broke on my bike I wouldn't panic as I could ride something else for a bit. If my Stages Power Meter went out I might as well just give up. It's perhaps the most important item for cycling I own.

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