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03/15/2020 Waterloo G&G
03/21/2020 Melting Mann
03/28/2020 Dirty 30
04/04/2020 Assault on the Carolinas
04/11/2020 Athens Gravel Challenge
04/18/2020 Barry Roubaix
05/03/2020 Helkaat Hundie
05/09/2020 Forty-5
06/13/2020 Funk Bottoms Gravel 200k
08/16/2020 SBT GRVL

John Beres

Fairborn, Ohio

Main FocusGravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceDirty Kanza, RBC GranFondo Whistler and VeloSano
Post-Race DrinkSkratch Labs Chocolate Recovery and a Jefferson's Reserve
Off-Day ActivitySufferfest Recovery Spin

I grew up skiing and mountain biking in Michigan; I took a few years off from cycling to focus on other passions. I have recently pursuing riding again; but this time changing scenery and started on the road. I mainly ride a Fuji Gran Fond or a Lynskey GR270; but also have an older Trek 830. This will be my first year racing, but I am not a stranger to competition. I am currently an NRA F-Class mid range High Master classification.

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