Team Stages

Past Races

09/12/2020 RBC Gran Fondo Whistler
07/12/2020 Axel Merckx Gran Fondo
05/10/2020 Kamloops Spring Sprint Triathlon
01/26/2020 Kamloops Triathlon Club - 4x Mixed Relay Indoor Triathlon

Brian Marshall

Williams Lake, Canada |

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceTour de Chiba
Post-Race DrinkWater
Off-Day ActivityJudo

I grew up as a BMX kid in the 80s, moved into mountain biking in the 90s, had a brief stint as a trail runner and marathoner in the 00s and have been tearing it up on road bikes for the last few years

Living in the mountain bike mecca of Williams Lake in the interior of British Columbia means I have the best of everything all around me. World class mtb is just outside my front door. Trails run forever. The road loops are rough but epic. The winters offer their own opportunities, and make the approach of spring biking that much sweeter.

I get to Japan every year for a month or so of endurance sports