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Past Races

04/25/2020 The Whiskey

Greg Love

Verona, Wisconsin

Main FocusMountain Biking
Bucket List RaceCape Epic
Post-Race DrinkVarious
Off-Day ActivityHiking

I turned to cycling in my late 30’s after two ruptured achilles. I endeavor to squeeze in as much training/competition as family life will allow. I have two very active high school age boys and a great wife who tries to make sure I can ride my bike as much as possible. I live in a very cycling-friendly community in Wisconsin, participating in events here and across the country. My 2020 plans include racing The Whiskey again, some of our WORS series and several gravel events. I’ve completed in BC Bike Race and been on a podium at Iceman, as well as placing first in age and fifth overall in our Cat 2 (Comp) state mtb series, all while training with Stages power. WORS results mean I must now compete in our Elite category, which insures I am unlikely to ever win again, yet I still enjoy racing/competing. Lately cycling has become as much about the experience as it is about competition, but I am still fueled by a desire to improve.