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08/07/2021 Moutus/Dino Offroad Duathlon
08/22/2021 Kentucky 6 Hour Race
10/30/2021 Baiting the Shark Gravel Race
11/27/2021 DINO Gravel Grovel

Past Races

07/24/2021 Dino Xterra Northern Indiana
06/26/2021 Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder
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05/23/2021 Motus Capital View OffRoad Duathlon
Race Recap
04/10/2021 CORA Trail Work Day 5:00:00
09/05/2020 CORA Trail Work Day
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08/08/2020 Kentucky Mixed Terrain ITT
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04/03/2020 Zwift Watopia Haute Route 3 Day Stage Race
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Christopher Averett

Cincinnati, Ohio

Main FocusMountain Biking
Bucket List RaceRebecca's Private Idaho
Post-Race DrinkBallast Point Grapefruit Sculpin

I have enjoyed mountain bike racing for 25 years and have just recently become more "competitive" in my participation of the sport. In 2019 I completed several races in the Ohio Mountain Bike Championship (OMBC) Series when a dislocated shoulder received during a race interrupted my season and reduced my final standing in the overall point series. In addition to participating in the 2019 OMBC Series I have also completed my first 100 mile event in the Mohican 100, team up with a friend and won third place on a two-man rely team at the Kentucky 6 Hour, even tried my hand at an XTERRA Duathlon (I think I am going to find a few more of these)
For the 2020 season my goal is to successfully complete Mohican 100, Michigan Coast to Coast. Clearly, without the Ohio Mountain Bike Trail System none of these races and events would happen. I spend many of my non-race weekends performing trail maintenance or group rides with CORA (Cincinnati Off Road Alliance).