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11/07/2020 SpiritWorld 100
10/24/2020 Big Sugar
10/17/2020 BWR - Utah
09/26/2020 Chino Grinder p/b Lauf Cycling - Extreme 150
03/14/2020 The Mid South 40
10/26/2019 Mt. Lemmon Gravel Grinder p/b REI
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08/18/2019 Steamboat Gravel
Race Recap
5th - AG
05/04/2019 Chino Grinder p/b Lauf Cycling
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July Hogue

Wickenburg, Arizona |

Main FocusGravel Cycling
Bucket List Race7 day Haute Route - Europe
Post-Race Drink"Lunchbox"(Smoothie) Almd/Cshw Malk, Skyr, Almd Butter, Strawberries, Blueberries, Banana, Fig, chia
Off-Day ActivityWhat is off day? :P

Yes, my name is July, just like the month :) And no, I wasn't born in July. (First two questions I always get asked) I'm an Arizona native; born, raised and still living here. If it's 70 degrees, you can bet I am freezing!

I am the owner/creator of Like Bike Studio (est. Dec. 2018), an indoor cycling studio. At Like Bike we train using the Stages Flight program and the Stages SC3! I'm a relative newcomer when it comes to cycling indoors and out. Was first introduced to cycling after an injury, as a way to strengthen my knees. Now it's all I do!

When not indoors, I ride road and gravel. I use Stages power meters on both bikes in conjunction with the Stages Dash head unit. Its Stages inside and out for me!! Awesome, accurate and reliable products!

I dream big enough to scare me and like asking/answering, 'what's next'. Smiling turns the world upside.
Good enough, never is.

Excited for my sophomore year. Train like you race --hard. You always get out what you put in.
Win or lose, it's always experience.