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10/23/2021 Big Sugar 100

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09/25/2021 Chino Grinder
09/05/2021 Rebeccas Private Idaho
09/03/2021 Rebeccas Private Idaho
09/02/2021 Rebecca's Private Idaho
08/15/2021 SBT Gravel
07/10/2021 Crusher in the Tushar
06/05/2021 Unbound Gravel
05/22/2021 Co2uT Desert Gravel
05/02/2021 Cascade Gravel Grinder - Omnium
05/01/2021 Cascade Gravel Grinder - Omnium
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July Hogue

Wickenburg, Arizona |

Main FocusGravel Cycling
Bucket List Race7 day Haute Route - Europe
Post-Race Drink"Lunchbox"(Smoothie) Almd/Cshw Malk, Skyr, Almd Butter, Strawberries, Blueberries, Banana, Fig, chia
Off-Day ActivityWhat is off day? :P

Yes, my name is July, just like the month :) And no, I wasn't born in July. (First two questions I always get asked) I'm an Arizona native; born, raised and still living here. If it's 70 degrees, you can bet I am freezing!

I am the owner/creator of Like Bike Studio (est. Dec. 2018), an indoor cycling studio. At Like Bike we train using the Stages Flight program and the Stages SC3! I'm a relative newcomer when it comes to cycling indoors and out (started mid 2018). Was first introduced to cycling after an injury, as a way to strengthen my knees. Now it's all I do!

When not indoors, I ride road and gravel. I use Stages power meters on both bikes in conjunction with the Stages Dash head unit. Its Stages inside and out for me!! Awesome, accurate and reliable products!

Dream beyond what you can imagine.
Smiling turns the world upside.
Good enough, never is.

Train like you race --hard.
You get out what you put in.