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02/16/2019 24 Hours of Old Pueblo
11/17/2018 El Tour de Tucson 87

Mike Gura

Tucson, Arizona

Bucket List Race24 Hours in Old Pueblo Solo
Post-Race Drinka shake and a beer.

I am a 38 year old husband and father of 3 that refuses to let his glory days be a thing of the past. Although I spend my 9ish to 5ish tucked away in a cube, i try to spend my 6 to 8 riding free through the hills of tucson. I also own a little brewery that serves as my creative outlet and a community gathering point- you can check it out on the web or facebook, it is called Public Brewhouse.

The condensed about me is that after a long bout of sickness at 18 I took a year off college to explore the world. Given my limited budget that meant mostly Australia, Southeast Asia, and India. When I returned home I finished my Physics degree at Georgia Tech and then headed out to Moab, Utah to work for Outward Bound. This move cascaded into working in the wilderness therapy field and as a rock climbing guide. At some point I decided I was having too much fun in paradise and headed to grad school at the University of Arizona. I picked up a couple of grad degress in Biostatistics and Physiology. I was fortunate to work in a lab that developed the hands only cpr you see all over the place today. I got the travel bug again and ended up with a great job evaluating aid projects for organizations like USAID, Gates foundation , etc. After a severe case of Malaria that left me in the ICU and West Nile Virus that permanently destroyed a bunch of motor neurons in my left arm I decided to find a job that doesn't travel as much :) I ended up at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson and more recently got hired on as a Data Scientist at Intuit.

I used to spend a lot of time pushing myself on climbs deep in the backcountry. These days I spend a lot more time on the bike.I have fallen in love with road and mountain biking and am lucky to live in Tucson which has an incredible and vibrant biking community.

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