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07/13/2019 Triple Bypass

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02/10/2019 Old Man Winter Rally 34

Jillian Murphy

Denver, Colorado | none

Main FocusGravel, mountain bike and some road.
Bucket List RaceNot certain yet. Possibly Rebecca Rusch's Private Idaho
Post-Race DrinkKion Aminos Lime flavor really cold or Tailwind Recovery
Off-Day ActivityReading, walking with dogs, massages, hiking. Camping in little woody teardrop camper.

I'm a disabled Army Veteran. Being a Soldier was probably the first and most Athletic thing I originally did. I grew up in Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s where girls just were not encouraged or allowed to do sports. So now in my later life, I am very enthusiastic and motivated about all types of cycling even though, quite frankly, I don't think I exhibit much talent or natural ability at all. But I have a lot of perseverance and I love bikes and all the associated gadgets and technology, and I love the social and personal growth associated with cycling. Riding bikes has helped me greatly with processing my experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am now a Nurse Practitioner in a small Physical Medicine clinic in Broomfield where we use non-narcotic, primarily conservative therapies such as Chiropractic, PT, Platelet Rich Plasma, Viscosupplementation and Stem Cells to address musculoskeletal issues and avoid surgeries for patients. Other than that, I like to be either with my partner and my dogs, or my sister and her family in the outdoor, or on one of my 7 bikes (4 of which have Stages Power Meters)

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