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09/21/2019 Marji Gesick

Chris Lowry

La Crosse , Wisconsin

Main FocusAnything that involves dirt and adventure
Bucket List RaceLeadville, Swiss Epic, La Ruta
Post-Race DrinkTailwind Recovery
Off-Day ActivityFly fishing, consuming croissants, yoga and drifting through the Driftless region

I’m a long term athlete, having competed in collegiate soccer and swimming who found cycling after finishing all of my education and moving between West Virginia and Colorado. I have a strong science background and the analytics of power when training has totally captivated me over the past couple years. My main focuses at this time are long distance endurance mountain biking as well as the local Wisconsin WORS series. In addition, after competing at various stage races over the years, I’ve given myself the goal of completeing a new stage race every year for as long as possible. Most of all, I love riding my bike, enjoying the process of training and sharing both of those things with friends along the way.

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