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Past Races

02/17/2019 70.3 Geelong
01/26/2019 Santa Barbara County Road Race
12/14/2018 Cyclocross Nationals
11/04/2018 Silver Goose CX Pan-Am Championships

Sam Junge

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Main FocusTriathlon, Cyclocross, Road Racing
Bucket List Race70.3 Oceanside
Post-Race DrinkFluid Nutrition Chocolate Wave
Off-Day Activitybike camping

I'm 22, and have spent the last 2 years pursuing a professional racing career, in both triathlon and cycling. I grew up running, and found triathlon and cycling when I moved to Michigan. After racing full time for almost 2 seasons now, I've began to dip my toes in the professional fields of cyclocross and hope to develop a multi-disciplined racing career over the next few years. Best performances to date are a 2:09 70.3 bike split, 12th OA at 70.3 Steelhead, and a Michigan cyclocross state championship win.

My 2018/2019 goals are:
Earn a UCI point for Cyclocross
Find a P1/2 stage race podium
Compete for a EQR finishing spot at an Ironman 70.3

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