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Conner Snavely

Gastonia , North Carolina

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My name is Conner Snavely and I’m a rising junior at Ashbrook High School in Gastonia, North Carolina.
I am a North Carolina junior mountain bike competitor and I am sending my information to you in hopes of receiving a sponsorship. Below is a little story on how I started racing and some of my latest accomplishments.

In November 2016, I rented a mountain bike at a local trail, rode for miles and I was hooked. Shortly after, I joined the National interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).
2016 was the inaugural year.

My first race was in March 2017. I placed ninth overall and that’s when I realized it was the sport for me. I knew I wanted more than 9th place.
When I am not working (Ride A Bike Bicycle Shop, Gastonia NC) or in school , I am training and riding.

My first race in Winter Short Track showed me just how much more work I needed.
I started having chest pains and that’s when I knew something had to change.
I altered my diet and started drinking nothing but water. Amazing how diet plays such a huge part in performance.

My goal of the 2018 NICA season was to podium. Little did I know I was about to achieve the greatest accomplishment of my mountain bike career so far. I won all of the races in the 10th grade boys division, meaning I was ranked 1st place for 10th grade boys in the State of North Carolina... I was stoked.
I am 10th grade NC State Champ !

My near future goal is to race and Win a National title in the USA Cycling Mountain Bike Championship races in Colorado , July 2019,

I am listing my accomplishments to date, since I started racing in 2017.
Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from you guys soon.

Conner Snavely

*2017 NICA 9th place overall
*2018 Charlotte Youth Cycling League, 1st place
*2018 Curse at the Crab, 1st place
*2018 Hulk, Myrtle Beach, 1st place
*2018 Jerdon Moutan Challenge, 1st place
*2018 Lees McRae collegiate race, XC/STXC, 9th place and 6th place
*2018 Fonta flora barnburner 50k race, 1st place
*2018 Appalachian state collegiate race, XC/STXC, 2nd place

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