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Michael Hertner

Erie, Pennsylvania

Bucket List RaceMy next race!
Post-Race DrinkMy favorite post race drink is a Protein shake with lots of recovery nutrients.

I grew up in Erie Pa & only moved away when I went to college. It is at Penn State where I worked in bike shops and fell in love with bicycle racing. After a bad crash, I spent 14 years away from endurance sports. During those years I directed my energy toward powerlifting and sailboat racing. In 2011 I tackeled my first triathlon and was hooked. I have competed regularly since then at Sprint and Olympic distances and finished my first half Ironman this year accomplishing my loftiest goal of sub five hours. I continue to train this offseason, weather (& wife) permitting. My wife Kirsten is my biggest supporter who helps be at my best. I am not much of a social media person but I am a geek about bikes and equipment and love to talk to people about gear.

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